Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz

Office hour on 2020-09-01

All members

Written by Tobias Kadenbach, 2020-09-01. Permalink

The office in Wundtstraße 5 and the office in Hochschulstraße 50 are open today out of scheduled, probably until 7 pm. When you come along, please remember to keep sufficient distance and to wear a mouth-nose-covering if you get in contact with other people.

Online registration

All non-members

Written by Jakob Müller, 2020-09-01. Permalink

From Sep 1st on, we're offering a preliminary version of our online registration for new members which allows you to get rid of the nasty paperwork and to access our network even faster. In case you're experiencing problems during the registration process, we would be glad if you sent us an e-mail.

Of course, you may still feel free to hand in the analogue application forms instead. Please post your complete and signed application into our mailboxes at Hochschulstraße 50 or Wundtstraße 5.

Announcement of General Assembly

All members

Written by Willi Meißner, 2020-07-01. Permalink

On 2020-07-15 at 7pm the next General Assembly of AG DSN will take place at POT/81/H.

We will elect a new Executive Board and change our budget for 2020.

Members of AG DSN can find the full details and agenda in the invitation, but unfortunately only in German.

Update 2020-07-09: changed room

Wartung Neuberinstraße


Written by Marcel Beyer, 2020-06-08. Permalink

Due to a power interruption of the radio link, there will be an interruption of the network connection in Neuberinstrasse on 8 June between 1 and 4 pm.

New support hotline


Written by Markus Helbig, 2020-06-04. Permalink

We are glad to announce that we can offer a new support hotline (at 0351 89670993) to you. Because of some technical difficulties when changing our phone operator we unfortunately needed to switch to this new number. We are trying to be contactable by phone at least on Mondays and Thursdays 7-8pm. In the contact box on our website, there will be a hint (green bullet) if the number is additionally reachable during other times. We are sorry for not being able to offer personal support for such a long time.

Outside of our support hours, you can of course leave us a ticket.

MTU adjustments Reichenbachstraße


Written by Jakob Müller, 2020-05-03. Permalink

Due to construction work, the fiber optic connection to Reichenbachstraße is currently not available.

If there are problems using some internet services, the MTU must be set to 1420 bytes in the router/computer. The exact procedure for this can be found in the manual of the corresponding device.

Downtime Reichenbachstraße


Written by Marcel Beyer, 2020-04-16. Permalink

On 2020-04-16 the uplink of Reichenbachstraße has to be changed to an alternative uplink due to longer construction works. This will cause outages from 6pm on. We try to keep the outage short as possible.

No office hours until further notice

All dormitories

Written by Tobias Kadenbach, 2020-03-12. Permalink

All of our offices will remain closed until further notice, but mail support will continue to take place.

On the March 12th the Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion published a warning stating that "if there are events with fewer than a thousand participants, it needs to to be checked carefully whether these must take place." Based on this recommendation and the decision of the TU Dresden to postpone the start of lectures to April 27, 2020, we have decided to cancel all office hours at least by April 27, 2020 as a precautionary measure for our voluntary active and our passive members.

If you experience any problems, our ticket system and our email support at are of course still available. To compensate the cancelled office hours we've set up a support hotline (0351 21715530). We try to be reachable at the best possible rate during the times of our office hours (Monday and Thursday, 7pm to 8pm).

If you want to become a member, you can deposit the documents in our mailboxes. You can find these at Hochschulstraße 50, Wundtstraße 5 and Borsbergstraße 34. Please note that these must be complete (including all checkboxes, signatures, and the data protection declaration (on the back)) and legible, and that the processing of applications can take up to a week. Please don't forget to label your letterbox with your name so that we are able to deliver your copy of the application.

We wish all our members the best of health and hope to see you again during our office hours soon.

Downtime FL16

Fritz-Löffler-Straße 16

Written by Marcel Beyer, 2020-03-05. Permalink

On the 2020-03-05 there will be done construction workings on the fibre infrastructure by the Studentenwerk from 8am to 4pm. This will affect the uplink of FL16. Please expect downtimes of our network at FL16 during this time.

Alterations Güntzstraße

Gützstraße 22

Written by Marcel Beyer, 2020-03-04. Permalink

On the 4th and 5th of march there will be a relocation of a rack at Güntzstraße. This will lead to downtimes in section B of the building.

Office hours semester break winter 2020

All dormitories

Written by Tobias Kadenbach, 2020-02-22. Permalink

From 2020-03-01 until 2020-04-01, the office hours will change as follows:
The offices at Hochschulstraße and Borsbergstraße will be open at the usual times on Mondays only.
The office at Wundtstraße will be open at the usual time on Thursdays only.

You can still contact us via e-mail anytime. The offices might be open at other times, too, but there is no guarantee.

AG DSN wishes its members and all students a relaxing semester break.