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As a Member you have an e-mail-account in our system. You do not have to use this account to receive our mails - in the Usersuite, you can forward the mails to your existant private address.

Your mail is of the form:

  • Gerokstraße: <username>
  • Hochschulstraße: <username> Caution, changes! New: <username>
  • All other buildings: <username>

You recieved your initial password together with your copy of your membership application. You can always change it with the usersuite.

Important announcements and notifications regarding your account (high traffic, overdue payment) are sent via e-mail. We strongly recommend you to check your mails regularly or to setup an address for forwarding, if you do not intend to use your e-mail account with us.

Why You should use the AG DSN e-mail-account in addition

Your mails and data of this e-mail-account are stored on servers located in dormitories in Dresden.

In contrast to big American or German providers, we do not work based on profit, and are therefore not under the pressure to monetize your data.

Receive e-mails


The simplest way to receive your mail is using the webmailer we provide:


A better way of course is the usage of a mail client, as it provides more functionality to organize and encrypt your data.

In our download-section you can download such programs, like for example Thunderbird. In most Linux-distributions, Thunderbird is already installed or can be installed using a packagemanager.

Anyway, every other mail program should work in a similiar way.

First of all you have to add an Account. In Thunderbird: File > New > Mail Account ...

Provide your personal data, your e-mail-address <username> and your password.

Now, go to Manual Config. There, type in the following serversettings.

New: in the dormitory Hochschulstraße it is possible to configure your e-mail client automatically via autoconfig (or autodiscover) now. You only need to enter your e-mail address <username> and the client will fill in the settings from below automatically.


  Hostname Protocol (port) SSL Authentication
Incoming POP3(110) normal, password
Incoming IMAP(993) SSL/TLS normal, password
Outgoing SMTP(25) STARTLS normal, password


  Hostname Protocol (port) SSL Authentication
Incoming IMAP (993) SSL/TLS normal, password
Outgoing SMTP (465) SSL/TLS normal, password

All other buildings

  Hostname Protocol (port) SSL Authentication
Incoming IMAP(993) SSL/TLS normal, password
Incoming POP3(995) SSL/TLS normal, password
Outgoing SMTP(587) STARTTLS normal, password

(Standard) IMAP keeps all e-mails on the server. Because of this you can use multiple e-mail-programs, and even multiple devices plus the web mailer. POP3 check the mails only once and then deletes them after this from the server. It's not possible to use multiple e-mail-programs.

Forward e-mails

You can simply setup an e-mail-forward with the usersuite. Each e-mail send to <username> (or username>, respectively) will be automatically forwarded to this e-mail.