Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz

Takeover of Gret-Palucca-Straße 11


Written by Friedrich, 2017-09-28. Permalink

From the 1st of October we will be running the network of Gret-Palucca-Straße 11.

Since the student house will not yet be inhabitable by then, new tenants will have to move into GPS 9 temporarily. The Studentenwerk will no longer provide new connections at GPS 9, but we have taken measures to ensure network access for our members at GPS 9, anyhow.

So, if you are a future tenant of GPS 11:

  1. Sign up for membership:

    • Read about the registration process.
    • Fill the form twice, put in your future GPS 11 address, sign it, hand it in.
  2. Connect to our network at GPS 9.

  3. Move into GPS 11 - no further action required, if gave us the correct GPS 11 room on the form.

Existing GPS 9 tenants can continue to use their Stutentenwerk network connection until they move into GPS 11. Once you live there, you will have to sign up with us or some commercial provider.

We plan to outfit GPS 11 with the new network hardware on October 19th. If you are interested in our volunteers work and would like to help, get in touch or just come over!

Network outage

Budapester Straße Fritz-Löffler-Straße 16 all Studentenwerk administrated dorms

Written by Willi Meißner, 2017-09-15. Permalink

At 2016-09-16 there will be a major overhaul of our infrastructure in the main data room of the Studentenwerk. This will cause network outages for all connected dorms over the whole day.

The affected dorms will be Budapester Straße, Fritz-Löffler-Straße 16 and all of the dorms which are administrated by the Studentenwerk.

Office Hours Semester Break Summer 2017

All dormitories

Written by Markus Helbig, 2017-08-23. Permalink

From 2017-08-24 on there will be no office hours on Thursdays.

On 2017-08-31 there will be an exception in Wundtstraße and Hochschulstraße because of the arrival of new tennants.

Office hours on Mondays will continue as usual and you can also contact us via e-mail.

AG DSN wishes its members and all students a relaxing semester break.

Wartungsarbeiten Gerokstraße


Written by Sebastian Trebbin, 2017-07-30. Permalink

Aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten wird es am 30.07.2017 zwischen 21 und 24 Uhr zu kurzen Ausfällen der Netzanbindung der Gerokstraße kommen.

Umstellung Netzanbindung Zeunerstraße


Written by Felix Kluge, 2017-07-19. Permalink

Die Netzanbindung des Wohnheims wird umgestellt, um zukünftig die Stabilität der Anbindung sicher stellen zu können. Dazu wird es zwischen 15:30 Uhr und 17:00 Uhr zu kurzen Ausfällen in der Netzwerkanbindung kommen.

Network outage Zeunerstraße


Written by Friedrich Zahn, 2017-06-23. Permalink

Due to a server crash, Zeunerstraße 1f has been offline from 2017-06-21, 10pm to 2017-06-22, 9pm.

Please excuse the inconvenience. We are aware of the ongoing issues and working on a permanent solution.

Failed delivery of support mails

All student houses

Written by Friedrich Zahn, 2017-06-23. Permalink

Due to some misconfigurations, from 2017-06-19 to 2017-06-23 some mails send to our support addresses could not be delivered. Senders should have been notified about the undeliverable mail, but if you have an urgent issue and no reply by now, please send another mail to be sure.

Network outage Hochschulstraße


Written by Gerrit Hinz, 2017-06-07. Permalink

We're going to work on the connection from Wundtstraße to Hochschulstraße on 09.06.2017 around 10:00 to 12:00. During this period connectivity issues and outages are expected in our dorms Hochschulstraße including the International Guesthouse. Other dorms won't be effected. If you are intrested in our work, you can come over to our office in Hochschulstraße 46 during this period.

Update 19:25 We had a lot of trouble with the configuration of the new devices. There is something broken but we do our best to solve this issue soon.

Summer Party Wundtstraße on 2017-06-14


Written by Friedrich, 2017-05-30. Permalink

On the 14th of June the Studentenwerk Dresden invites you to a Summer Party at Wundtstraße.

Besides food and drinks there will be live music, sports, and a movie screening at KiK.

Like the bicycle diy-workshop Rad i.O. we will open our doors at Wundtstraße 5, offering waffles and guided tours. So if you want to know how the internet works, why our maintenance happens at strange times, or what we do with your membership contributions, feel free to visit us!

You can find the facebook event here, further information is available on the Studentenwerk website.

summer party

No office hours on Ascension Day

All dormitories

Written by Friedrich, 2017-05-24. Permalink

Due to the holiday there will be no office hours on 2017-05-25. You can always reach us via mail or the contact form.

Cancellation of our office hours

Alle Mitglieder

Written by Gerrit Hinz, 2017-05-17. Permalink

On Thursday May 18th our offices in Borsbergstrasse and Wundtstrasse will be closed due to an internal event. The office at Hochschulstrasse 46 (located in the basement) is going to open as usual and service all members of the AG DSN.