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Outage Borsbergstraße 34, Neuberinstraße 15

Borsbergstraße 34 Neuberinstraße 15
Written by Gregor Düster, 2024-06-05. Permalink 

On 2024-06-03 13:14:57 road work caused damage to the fibre optic cable to Borsbergstraße 34. Therefore, network access failed for Borsbergstraße 34 as well as Neuberinstraße 15. The latter is affected due to Borsbergstraße 34 being the sole provider for it's network.

In order to restore network access, a radio link between Wundtstraße 3 and Borsbergstraße 34 has been installed on Monday evening until the early hours of Tuesday. Due to a configuration mistake, access couldn't be recovered until late Tuesday evening.

Unfortunately, there is huge decrease in bandwidth paired with a strong increase in latency. We as well as the Studentenwerk are working intensively to reach an improvement of the situation.