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Upcoming network outage at Zeunerstraße


Written by Vincent Knyrim, 2018-08-28.

During the next weeks – among other works – the university data centre needs to move some patch panels at Trefftz-Bau.

A result is a total network outage at Zeunerstraße. It will last for several hours.

This outage will most likely happen on 2018-09-10 or 2018-09-11. We will inform you as soon as more details are known to us.

Update (2018-09-01):
Due to a delivery problem the works are delayed, and thus the network outage is delayed, too.

Update (2018-09-06):
It has been confirmed that the outage will occur on Monday, 2018-09-10, from 8 to 11am.

Update (2018-09-10):
As of 10:30am the dormitory uplink has been reestablished and everything is back in working order.