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English translation of forms

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Written by Vincent Knyrim, 2018-07-04.

Due to the new European General Data Protection Regulation we had to split up and revise our forms. Up to this point the new versions of the membership application, services form and moving notification were only available in German.

Now the services form and moving notification are available in English, too, so you do not have to use the German version anymore.

Since the membership application form is basically the written contract between our members and the AG DSN, we want its translation to be legally verified before deploying it. Thus, you can not use it to apply for membership at the moment. However, to make filling in the German version easier for you, we added the current English translation as a reference to our help sheet (on page 2): universallyfor Gerokstraßefor Hochschulstraße

If you should find any mistranslations, please let us know!