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Adjustment of membership contribution

All members

Written by Sebastian Geisler, Friedrich Zahn, 2018-02-07.

From April 1st 2018 our membership contribution will be raised from 3.50€ per month to 5.00€ per month. The increase was discussed and enacted on the last general assembly, for which you can read the corresponding minutes here. The main reasons for the increase are our continuing efforts to bring infrastructure scale WLAN to all dormitories, increasing costs of operation due to inflation and necessary replacements of old hardware.

To avoid interruptions of service please update potential recurring payments and pay the monthly difference for all months you already paid in advance. You can see your current account balance in the user suite.

Addition 2018-03-10: In the third episode of the MultiCast we spoke about the reasons for the increase, among other things. Unfortunately the podcast is only available in German.