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Zeunerstraße Gerokstraße Borsbergstraße

Written by toothstone, 2016-06-08.

Update: Friday afternoon there will be short interruptions at Borsberg- and Gerokstraße, we need to replace some power supplies at Wundtstraße 3.

During the next days we will work on our network infrastructure at Zeunerstraße 1f and Gerokstraße 38, which will cause (hopefully short) outages.

  • 8th of June, Wednesday, 5pm to 6pm: We will try to solve the current MTU related issue at Zeunerstraße.
  • 9th of June, Thursday, 9:45am to 10:15am: Upgrade of the uplink for Zeunerstraße to 1Gbps (from 100Mbps).
  • 11th of June, Saturday, from 11am: We will swap out the radio link mounting at Gerokstraße. We will try to provide a secondary radio link to keep the outages short.